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  • This flagship course by the American Swim Coaches Association, conducted by Coach John Leonard and Coach Guy Edson teaches the fundamentals and advanced practices to swimming coaches of students of all ages.

    To enter this course:
    1.  self-register in the school by clicking HERE
    2.  Go to the ASCA store to purchase your tuition HERE

    You will then receive notification soon that you have been successfully enrolled.

  • This series of presentations by Coach John Leonard from the American Swimming Coaches Association and Coach Don Heidary from Orinda Aquatics discusses the important topic of Character as it relates to Athletes and Teams.

Welcome to the American Swim Coaches Association Swim School.  Coaches for students of all ages can learn from the experience of John Leonard and Guy Edson with combined coaching experience of over 50 years.  Video presentations allow students to analyze the excellence of the best swimmers in history with narrations integrated with the footage.  This innovative school is the first of its kind.  Sponsored by the ASCA it is a must experience for all swimming coaches.  For enrollment information, please contact

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